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Queen of Your Own Life

Praise | The Battle for You

by Cindy Ratzlaff

We’ve been talking about the young girl we once were this week and reminding ourselves to be kind to that child, both in thought and in deed.  Just as she sometimes needs a hug and a kiss to make the hurt go away, she also needs praise and recognition for a job well done.

Why is it that it’s so easy to chastise ourselves for our failures or shortcomings but we rarely take a moment to say “well done” to ourselves.  It’s as though the good things we do are what we expect from ourselves and any slips or falls wipe out all the good things.

I had a particularly good day yesterday. I found my voice and used it to help someone by telling them the truth even though it was hard.  I took care of myself in the process and didn’t over indulge in food or drink out of stress. I was kind to them and to me.  And, so this morning, I’m saying to that little girl.  “Well done, sweetie, well done.”

We all have victories, large and small.  We’re quick to share our struggles because we’re so practiced at pointing out the negative.  But in the practice of happiness, we need to point out our victories as well.

Please take a moment and tell me one (or more) fabulous things about you, moments of victory, things that deserve praise.

Mine? I woke up clear headed and excited to begin another day.  You?

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3 Responses to “Praise | The Battle for You”

  1. Leslie Redman says:

    Inspite of having broken both arms in march ( not one to do things in half measures!) and now facing the fact that i will be having more surgery to treat a traumatic carpal tunnel syndrome on my right hand, i am back at the gym and starting to feel like I am back in shape. This time has also made me realize that I need to get more involved in something outside of the house. i have been caregiving my parents for the last seven years and while it is just my Dad now, i realize that the number of people which I speak to on a daily basis is three. Dad, my husband and my neighbour that i go on a morning walk with. Prior to these years i worked full time and met many interesting, bright and articulate people. While i cannot work full time or even regular part-time at the moment I do need to do something and am starting to actively think about that with a goal of September. i consider both of these things little moments of victory!

  2. cindy says:

    You have had way more than your share of physical struggles this year Queen Leslie. We banish all future physical issues away from you (if only we could). And congratulations on coming to the realization that you need to create YOU time and surround yourself with more bright and articulate people. These are moments of victory. {{cheering}}

  3. Sugel says:

    In January we sat down and figured out how much we are paying towards our debt and how much we could be paying and we realized that it was time to get it under control. I decided to put this on my list of goals so that I dont lose sight of the end result that we hope to achieve which is get out of credit card debt for good!. …Well done for managing to get yourselves out of that pickle and still being a couple!

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