Queen of Your Own Life by Kathy Kinney and Cindy Ratzlaff

Queen of Your Own Life is an attitude, a way of life and a call to action for grown up women everywhere.

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Queen of Your Own Life

Preserve Your Radiant Selves

PNPreserve Your Radiant Selves

When she finally gave herself the same tenderness and support she’d always reserved for everyone else, she was radiant. – Queenisms™

We know you are a kind, supportive and loving person. We appreciate the way you nurture your families and friendships. We value your loving nature. And, we wonder every day why you don’t save a tiny bit of that beautiful person for yourself. We’d like to hear you say to yourself, “I value you. I appreciate you. I love you.” That shouldn’t be hard but for so many it is. Why? Because we’re not practiced in self support. And, we often find there is an undercurrent of feeling “unworthy” of our own affection. We know every fear, doubt, misstep, stumble, and regret we’ve ever had. We have trouble forgiving ourselves for being human. We hang on to grudges against ourselves. And this inability to support ourselves with the same tenderness we would share with someone else, holds us back from our true radiance. Let’s stop the madness, shall we? Here’s what we’d like to ask of you this week. Please, oh please, tell us one wonderful thing about yourself and do not qualify it with “sometimes,” or “sort of” or any other “lesser than” comment. Tell us straight out. What tender thing will you say to yourself today? Speak tenderly to yourself the way you would speak to someone else who needed support and watch what happens. We think you’re radiant.

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One Response to “Preserve Your Radiant Selves”

  1. Barbara Metcalfe says:

    Self – Caring and supportive – I appreciate me!

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