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Queen of Your Own Life

Queen of the Paper Shredder

A Guest Post by Kandy Harrell, Summerville, SC

I noticed the other day that my file cabinets were getting out of hand. Time for some spring cleaning!

As I pulled out stacks and stacks of hanging files and folders, sorting through them and shredding unwanted documents, I came across three large files heavy with papers that were from one of the worst periods of my life. I noticed these files were the most disorganized, which is unlike me to not sort and file things properly.  Complete chaos reigned during that time of my life and the files were a testament to that fact.

After I completed my shredding and got the file cabinet back in order, I picked up the large trash bag full of the shredded papers to tie it up and take it outside to the trash can. The bag felt so much lighter than the many documents that had gone through the shredder.   When I looked inside the bag all I saw was tiny bits of paper that looked like confetti. It was at that moment I had an epiphany about how symbolic this shredding session really was.

I had been storing, in my file drawer and in my heart and mind, documents and memories that caused me sadness and pain.  As I shredded the piles of paper that had made my file drawer so heavy and difficult to open I felt happier and less burdened.  I no longer needed to keep the weight in my new home, new life and new marriage.

Now the file cabinet is cleaner and lighter, and so is my heart and mind. Who knew a person could become so happy and free by simply using a paper shredder! And I even have enough confetti to throw a big party!

4 Responses to “Queen of the Paper Shredder”

  1. Kandy Harrell says:

    I hope this encourages other Queens to do the same – what have you been holding onto that causes you pain and sadness? Even ‘virtual shredders’ come in handy! Is it time to clear out the negative thoughts and attitudes you’ve been carrying around? Then use your virtual shredder to rip them into happy confetti and throw yourself a big party fit for a Queen!! 🙂

    Love and Thanks to Queen Cindy and Queen Kathy!! You’re messages and stories encourage me to become the Queen that I am!

  2. Rev Deb says:

    Thanks for sharing this great story~what an immediate graphic response to letting go! I am inspired to release lots of old weight too! Blessings…

  3. Paketresor says:

    hi! 😛 i’m at work currently, thus i don’t have very much time to write… nonetheless! I really appreciated reading the article. It was a bunch of excellent stuff. many thanks! Sincerely, Miss Paketresor

  4. cindy says:

    Why thank you, Miss Paketresor!

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