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Queen of Your Own Life

Reframe | The Battle for You

by Cindy Ratzlaff

I have stories I tell about myself at the drop of a hat. My friends say I’m a great living room comic.  I love telling a good story and I don’t mind embellishing that story if it increases the delight of my listeners at the moment.  I’ll add all sorts of details just to make the story more exciting or funny.  

That gift of gab can bring laughter and it can also be turned inward and used to tell myself stories.  Some of those stories have helped me, like the story of a young girl who threw caution to the wind and moved to New York City with only $200 and a desire to live in the big city.  And, some of those stories have hampered me like the story of a woman who will always need to work extra hard because she’s not as smart as everyone else.

It’s time to use my storytelling skills to reframe the story, because I’m the writer of my own story.  I have permission to do a rewrite or an edit.

My new story is about a woman who learns new things easily, loves sharing her knowledge, is flexible and makes changes easily.  She’s smart, brave and funny.

What’s your story?  Do you need to reframe your story?

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  1. carol says:

    I need a vacation!

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