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Queen of Your Own Life

Rinse and Repeat | The Battle for You

Image from Vintage Workshop

by Cindy Ratzlaff

I have to confess something.  I am really struggling to break a couple of unhealthy habits.  Every morning I set myself up to succeed, lay out all the tools I need and slowly, steadily throughout the day, I find myself doing the exact same things that I did the day before.  And, the outcome is always the same.

Why is it that we can so easily fool ourselves into thinking that the same actions and behaviors will deliver different results?

I’m taking a stand (again!) today. One of the behaviors I’ve been indulging in is to feel badly about myself when I don’t succeed in my daily goals. Interestingly, it’s that negative self-talk that perpetuates the exact behaviors I’m fighting.

I’m talking about this here because I suspect I’m not alone.  If I was, the entire world would be filled with thin, healthy women with a strong sense of self-worth and totally fulfilling lives.

So what can we do?  Admit, aloud, that I (we) have stumbled, shake it off, forgive myself (ourselves) and try again.  And, that’s exactly where I am this morning; grateful for the lessons that keep presenting themselves to me because I still need to learn them.

How are you, my friends?  Are you struggling to change or alter a behavior?  Are you looking left and right to find another path?  I’ll brush the dirt off your knees, if you do the same for me. Let’s use the power of women friends to hold ourselves accountable and to build our self-worth muscles.

Humbled, I’m off to try again.

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