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Queen of Your Own Life

Share | Claiming the Crown to Harvest Happiness

by Cindy Ratzlaff

Share.  Repeat after us. “I will share what I know today with anyone who needs what I have. I will share a kind word, a piece of hard-earned knowledge, a positive attitude. I will be the source of something to someone today, and feel the crown on my head. So sayeth the Queen.”

I spoke at a conference in Philadelphia this week called “Tory Johnson’s Spark and Hustle; Small Business Bootcamp.”  It was the education day preceding the Pennsylvania Governors conference on women.  I was asked to speak on a panel about social media and using it strategically to create visibility for a small business or entrepreneur.  This is right in my sweet spot of interest and knowledge.  I love talking about this.  It’s so much fun to share what I know and watch the light bulb go on behind people’s eyes as they see what’s possible.

I am usually very nervous before I speak.  Thoughts run through my head about weight, wrinkles, hair, voice quality; the usual anxieties that really all come from “am I good enough?”

This time, however, I had a talk with myself first and promised myself that the only thoughts in my head on that day would be “How can I help you?” And, it made all the difference.  I was able to sit on stage with two very young, very beautiful women, look out into the audience and see only eager faces of business owners, curious about how to improve their marketing.  I was able to passionately share what I know and answer questions without wondering if my shoes were as nice as the women sitting next to me (they weren’t).  I was able to feel the crown on my head and be grateful for the opportunity to help someone else.

I want to hang on to that feeling every day.  We don’t all speak from the stage but we all have a moment or moments during the day when we can share what we know if others.

What do you share to keep that crown firmly on your head?

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