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Queen of Your Own Life

She Made Them Walk The Plank


Aaarg! Pirate Queens everywhere, take heed. http://QueenofYourOwnLife.comSome days she wanted to make everyone walk the plank. Then she realized every ship needs a crew. Since they weren’t mind readers, she’d have to speak up. ~ Queenisms™

As one of our wonderful Facebook community Queens said, “don’t make ’em walk the plank. Make ’em swab the deck.” Seriously though, we can sometimes be so angry with other people for not intuitively understanding our wants and needs. Just like we’d tell a little child, we have to use our words. Most people are not mind readers and our anger is most often seeded in frustration that we haven’t been “heard.”  But the truth is we haven’t been clear. Clarity is a gift to ourselves and a gift to everyone around us.

If you’re feeling like a pirate Queen and ready to make everyone around you walk the plank, pause and ask yourself if you’ve been crystal clear about your wants and needs.


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