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Queen of Your Own Life

Shout Eat My Dust to Fear

Kathy Kinney and Cindy Ratzlaff shout "Eat My Dust" to fear and doubt daily in original Queenisms.

She shouted “eat my dust” to fear and doubt and continued on the path toward happiness. ~ Queenisms™

Some decisions in life require a dramatic leap forward and some decisions are quieter and barely noticeable to anyone but ourselves. Whichever decision is weighing on your mind today, we offer the words “eat my dust” to help you put fear and doubt behind you. Even the little decisions sometimes take

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enormous courage. The act of physically lifting our arms up in the air has an uplifting effect on our thoughts and feelings. Try it. We dare you. Altering your physical position is sometimes just the ticket to help your feet and your heart get in sync.

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3 Responses to “Shout Eat My Dust to Fear”

  1. judy cockrell says:

    i have just turned 70 and am, for the first time in my life,becoming afraid of things i never thought i would be. i was a long distance cyclist and i loved to camp but i have moved to Texas and there are no bike lanes, plus i am officially old and now i find i am afraid of getting on my bike and flying before the wind. i have really strong bones yet so do not fear breaking a bone…buy dying on the road alone.

  2. Kalomeera says:

    I LOVE this “eat my dust” piece…
    …thank you KATHY (whom I know; THANKS for those New Year parties Matt and I were invited to !! xxx And the knitting party. SO hospitable and kind of you )
    Thank you Cindy too for this website of inspirations.
    Kathy I love your story-telling videos. Bravo.
    love from Kalomeera in Toluca Lake
    We’ll see you in future…been ultra busy getting through massive challenges.
    xx xx

  3. cindy says:

    We understand Queen Judy. Drivers are not patient with cyclists in our area either and we’ve had friends hurt in bike accidents. Your fear might be your inner wisdom telling you that the area in which you are living is not a bike friendly area. That said, why not go online and try to connect with other cyclists and maybe there are clubs or group rides in your area that would afford you the safety and the freedom you deserve.

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