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Queen of Your Own Life

Sick and Tired of Being Afraid | Queenisms

Sick and Tired of Being Afraid is an original, trademarked digital art piece and writing by authors Kathy Kinney and Cindy Ratzlaff. http://QueenofYourOwnLife.com

She was sick and tired of being afraid. So every time she showered she imagined the water was washing away all of her fears, literally dissolving them, leaving her feeling energized, vibrant and strong. – Queenisms™

Our imaginations are powerful healing tools. We can use them to scare the heck out of ourselves, which is usually manifested as worry, or we can use them to calm, relax, inspire and help us move from stress to a state of confidence. We love this exercise and use it often. Add your own twist and imagine the water being a color, if that helps. Cindy likes purple and Kathy likes to image the water being golden and filled with light. Some people respond better to sound. You can imagine the drops of water singing to you or you can sing yourself. Singing in the shower is a wonderful way to shake off stress. Is there something you do that helps you visualize releasing fear? Let’s share our stories and share our strength.

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One Response to “Sick and Tired of Being Afraid | Queenisms”

  1. Sally says:

    This is lovely, I will definitely try this. Thank you for your wisdom!

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