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Queen of Your Own Life

Sweetness | The Battle for You

by Cindy Ratzlaff

It’s ironic that sweets are my diet challenge.  I have to be very careful about blood sugar levels and yet I crave sugar to the point of distraction. When I’m trying not to eat sugar, I’ll eat salty carbs to compensate and the truth is that those raise your blood sugar level equally high if not higher.  But diets and food aside, it’s still ironic that it’s the sweetness I crave.

I think there’s a connection between the sweetness I try to find in all of my food and the sweetness I desire from life and that sometimes eludes me.  I took a few days off this week to spend some time at the ocean with my husband and sitting on the beach yesterday, sipping water, reading a book, and heading back to our little bungalow, I realized, my life IS sweet.  When I take the time to filter out all the noise that life throws at me, I can practically taste it.

I forgot, for a bit of time, that happiness is a practice and that I need to take quiet moments to see, feel and for me, taste all the richness in my life.  I need to take a break from the future desires that drive me and savor the present more.

Life is sweet.  I am sated.  So sayeth the Queen.

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