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Queen of Your Own Life

Teach Others How to Treat You

All rights reserved. Cindy Ratzlaff and Kathy Kinney blog and write books about claiming happiness in midlife at http://QueenofYourOwnLife.com. All of their affirmations and digital art are original, trademarked and copyright protected.

She decided today would be the day she paid attention to how she let people treat her and how she treated herself. She was one of a kind and deserved to be respected, cherished and loved. – Queenisms™

Here’s a little secret. The people in our lives are constantly looking to us to figure out how we want to and expect to be treated. We show them through countless little overt and subliminal messages we send out every day. When we make the decision to treat ourselves with respect, kindness and a sense of humor, that message is received by others as well. Now if treating ourselves gently is a new practice, undertaken because we want to change, it might take our friends and family a bit of time to get with the program and notice and adapt to the new messages. Remember, we decided to change, not them. So give them a little room to catch up but firmly insist that this is the way you will be treating yourself, from this moment on.

For example, if we decide to stop drinking alcohol because we’ve noticed it is interfering with our lives, some people with whom we enjoy a drinking relationship may feel abandoned. We may need to set a strong boundary, tell them we’re making a change and we may even need to create some distance while they get on board in supporting us. Others might immediately be able to rally in a positive way. Either way, the elimination of alcohol was a thing you decided to do for yourself and the opinions and eventually others will see that you take care of yourself. When we love and cherish ourselves, we teach others to love and cherish us or to move on.

Who’s tried to change their own attitudes toward themselves? Has your inner circle come around or are you still struggling to set boundaries and change attitudes? Let’s share our strength by sharing our stories.

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2 Responses to “Teach Others How to Treat You”

  1. Queen Betty Lipke says:

    Thank you for this little story about how people treat others and how we want to be treated. It has Opened my eyes and mind .

  2. cindy says:

    Queen Betty, then our work here is done 🙂

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