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Queen of Your Own Life

The Power of Women Friends

Everyone deserves to have at least one close friend who supports them unconditionally.  You know the kind of friend we mean?  She’ll tell you if you have spinach in your teeth.  She’ll go shopping with you and give your little black dress the thumbs up or thumbs down.  She’ll listen when you complain about work or kids or your spouse and never bring it up again, unless you do.

What does this special friend have that makes her different than all other friends?  It’s really not what she has, but what she doesn’t have.  She doesn’t have an agenda.  She listens, loves you and gives advice, only when asked, based solely on what is best for you—not what would make her happiest.

For example, if you were considering a job that would necessitate a move far away from your friend, what would your friend say?  Would she help you make a list of pros and cons focused on your best needs or would she advise you to turn it down because she’d be sad to have you so far away?

In keeping with the Queen metaphor, we call these friends your Ladies in Waiting or LIW.  LIW’s are a precious gift and something to treasure.  Do you have such friend in your life?  Are you such a friend to someone else?

Let’s reach out and tell those women in our lives who really have “got our backs” that we appreciate them, and let’s work hard to be an LIW to someone in return.

In that spirit,  we want to thank a fabulous woman, right now.  Amy Barickman is the founder of The Vintage Workshop and Indygo Junction.  She gave us permission to use this fun photo of women in hats which comes from her amazing collection of downloadable images.

Here’s to creating a royally beautiful and regally happy second half of life.

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5 Responses to “The Power of Women Friends”

  1. I’ve always been fortunate to have a couple “spinach-telling” friends. Realized in reading this that one, Andrea, moved to Jersey a bunch of years ago. She’s only an hour away but I haven’t seen her in awhile. I need to. I want to. Thanks for the reminder.

    To Kathy: all of us should have our names up in lights AND you are “that special”

  2. Shellie Gades says:

    I am definitely a LIW for my friends… I would like to have a LIW for myself. You gals are fabulous!

  3. Deb braitberg says:

    I am incredibly fortunate to have a number of girlfriends that I can share with. There is one group of us about 8, that go away for a weekend about twice a year. We share food, laughs, stories, tears, music, movies, walks and loads of warmth. I consider myself blessed to have these wonderful women in my
    life. There are other women outside this circle I have other deep connections with, that I can share my soul with. We hug and laugh and deeply understand each other.
    As a child I wanted to be a boy. As a wife, mother of 4, daughter, sister, friend etc I am so glad to be a woman:)
    love and warm hugs from
    deb in Australia.

  4. Queen Kandy, Summerville SC says:

    I have 2 LIW. I am so fortunate to have them in my life. They mentored and encouraged me for almost 20 years of my adult life, and helped me become the woman/QoMOL I am today! I am now at that juncture in my life where I’m a little more ‘put together’, and am ready to begin mentoring other younger women.

  5. Ivi says:

    I would love to have some friends like this. There are a lot of people that I care about that care about me, and I’m so thankful for each person. Still, I don’t really have a group of girlfriends that I’m particularly close to… I would really like that… not sure why things haven’t come out that way. I have moved a few times and changed jobs quite a bit… hmmm…

    Regardless, this is a great blog. It’s so important to be a genuine friend to people and love unconditionally.. and it’s also easier said than done. …so we shouldn’t beat ourselves up about it if we aren’t so good all the time… just keep growing in love and spreading it. Ok enough… lol.. going off track on a tangent!

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