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Queen of Your Own Life

Tickled Pink By Choice


She was tickled pink when she realized that happiness was a choice she could make, no matter how life was treating her. - Queenisms™

She was tickled pink when she realized that happiness was a choice she could make, no matter how life was treating her. – Queenisms™

We know that no one feels happy all the time. We also know that some struggle to access that feeling of happiness due to clinical depression and life circumstances. But all happiness is about choice. Not just the choice to look at life in a positive way – that’s a nice start. But the choices we make throughout our day, every day.

Do we allow anger because a driver wants to merge into our lane on the highway, or do we graciously give them space to join the road? Do we snarl at the coffee counter person because it takes too long for our order or do we breathe deeply and feel grateful they have a job and we will soon have coffee?  Do we see the humanity in others or do we isolate ourselves against interactions for fear of needing to speak up for ourselves if the situation calls for it? We’re talking about being content in the world and feeling confident you have your own back. That’s the kind of happiness we can choose, with daily practice.

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4 Responses to “Tickled Pink By Choice”

  1. Attitude is everything and everything in life is a choice! I wake up every morning having made the choice to be happy because I’m alive. I think appreciating the small things in life help us along our journey of happiness. Things like the person who holds the store door open for you, the barista that remembers your favorite drink but can never remember your name, the cashier who puts in that last quarter in the till for you from his/her own pocket and the list goes on!

    I am inspired by the ordinary and raised up by the majesty which is the here and now.

  2. Sarah says:

    Love this! Everyone is always surprised how “happy” I am, even when the walls are tumbling down around me. I challenge myself to Laugh every day… laugh until I cry, sometimes. Laughter is the best medicine. True Happiness- is in the moment.. Loving life.. even when it’s throwing RPG’s at you. Love you ladies <3 <3

  3. cindy says:

    We suspect that your love of laughter uplifts everyone around you Queen Sarah.

  4. cindy says:

    We’re right there with you Queen Marie. It’s those little moments that string together contentment and the ability to see them that creates joy.

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