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Queen of Your Own Life is an attitude, a way of life and a call to action for grown up women everywhere.

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Queen of Your Own Life

Tourist in Your Own Life | Queenisms

Tourist in Her Lifeby Cindy Ratzlaff

She approached every day as though she was a tourist, delighted by the view, excited to note every detail,

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thrilled to experience the newness of the day. At night, she simply said “Merci.” ~ Queenisms™

You know that feeling you have on vacation? The sun is brighter. The nights are cooler. The sites are more colorful. That’s because you’re relaxed and happy. Why wait for vacations or days off or that distant time “when?” We can approach every day with childlike wonder and find things that create a sense of awe.

Picture yourself as a guest in your own home. Lay out fresh towels. Treat your “guest” to tea. Leave a new book by “her” nightstand. Put some scented shower gel in the shower for her. Take “her” on a tour of your neighborhood and point out the trees, plants, birds, architecture, fun shops or whatever would be unique to a guest in your town.

Then head back to your own personal bed and breakfast and quietly tell yourself “merci.”

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One Response to “Tourist in Your Own Life | Queenisms”

  1. Bizzy says:

    I really like the idea of taking a tourist (or traveler) point of view. I once read a quote that spoke to me about this sort of thing, so I try as often as possible to see what others might see when looking at my daily life & surroundings. I also love your use of the phrase “childlike wonder” because I work with children and they really do appreciate the things we “grown-ups” take for granted, such as an ant crawling across the floor or the wind rattling the trees. There is beauty and romance and adventure in so many things if we just take the energy to focus in and notice more often!

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