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Queen of Your Own Life

True Friends See You and Still Love You – Queenisms

true friendsTrue friends know you. They see you. And, they love you anyway. They know what lessons you’ve learned, which ones you still have to navigate, how much light there is in your heart and where you’ve come from and want to go. They know when you’ve stumbled. They see the tiniest of triumphs. They understand when something is a big deal and when something big doesn’t really matter at all. They are a bell weather or a compass to keep you on track, pick you up from the wayside and keep you focused on the very best in you. That doesn’t mean it’s easy to have true friends. Finding, fighting for, compromising, taking turns uplifting, daring to hash out disagreements – those are the price of true friendship.

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One Response to “True Friends See You and Still Love You – Queenisms”

  1. bizzy says:

    I absolutely love this. Thank you for posting such true and inspiring words!

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