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Queen of Your Own Life

Unconditional Love Week | Queen of Your Own Life

by Kathy Kinney

She was going to give love unconditionally all week and she decided she would start with herself. – Queenisms™

Valentine’s Day can be a landmine of emotions. We may feel loved or lonely. We may long for more or connection or feel rejected or frankly, anything in between. We’d like to suggest a new focus for this Hallmark inspired holiday and ask you to declare this “Unconditional Love” week.

We’d like to invite you to love yourself, unconditionally, and to love and accept your friends and family, unconditionally. That means giving and receiving love without judgment or strings.

We’ll start. We love each and every one of you for showing up daily, commenting on our Facebook page or Tweeting and Pinning with us. We love you for leaving comments here on our blog. We love you for your imperfect journey, and for accepting us for ours.

We love ourselves for believing that there is always something more. We love ourselves for being life long learners and daily laughers.

Let’s start a list to inspire one another. What do you love about yourself?

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