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Queen of Your Own Life

Unleash the Power of You | The Battle for You

by Kathy Kinney

I’ve been asking everyone I know what motivates him or her to help themselves.  It’s so easy to find the passion and motivation to help someone else, but how do you focus all of that healing energy on yourself?  How do you unleash the power that is you for you?

I decided that I needed a trigger word.  A special word, that every time I think it or say it, will remind me that I have the power to help myself live the life I deserve.  I found the card above that was sent from an old dear friend. It really captures all that I’ve been thinking.  It’s by Curly Girl Design www.curlygirldesign.com and it helped me decide that my word will be pearl. A little grit and a lot of pressure make a beautiful lustrous pearl.  So, when I’m feeling overwhelmed and alone I will think of the image of a brilliant pearl.

When I forget who I am because of the way I perceive others to be looking at me, I will whisper to myself, “pearl.”  When my supply of self-esteem gets low I will help myself to fill it by saying out loud, “pearl.” I am so worthy of my battle for me – so sayeth the Queen.

What word will you choose as your trigger word to help you remember your value and worth? Let’s share with one another so we can be an inspiration to any of our friends who are having difficulty coming up with a trigger word.

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2 Responses to “Unleash the Power of You | The Battle for You”

  1. Jazmyn says:

    My trigger word is “butterfly”. The reason for that is that before my midlife crisis at age 49 I was a caterpillar, just hanging around in a tree, waiting for something or someone to happen. On my 49th birthday I gave birth to the new me, the beautiful butterfly! I quit my job, ran away from home and reinvented myself in a brand new way of life and living. Went to school, learned a new trade and…….finally, became ME!

  2. cindy says:

    What a beautiful image! Thank you, Jazmyn, for sharing that.

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