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Queen of Your Own Life

Welcome | The Battle for You

by Kathy Kinney

Welcome.  Repeat after us, “Welcome to your day.  It’s your day and your choice – so what kind of day do you choose to have?”

Every day for the last four days the first thought in head as I wake up is, “Welcome to your day.”  I’m usually moving so quick that I haven’t really noticed it, but finally this morning I just laughed out loud. 

It’s as if I am the tour guide to the adventure that is my life.  I imagined myself, as the guide, with a red balloon tied to a stick waiting impatiently for the group to catch up to me….only there’s no group just me.  It’s Kathy’s tour and because it’s my tour I get to make some choices about it.

And, so for today I choose fun.  I will look for the fun in everything and find ways to make all of the work and chores I must do today be fun games.  I choose to give this gift to myself because I deserve it.  Life doesn’t have to be so hard.

What kind of day do you choose to have?

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One Response to “Welcome | The Battle for You”

  1. Hi, Queen Kathy! Today I choose to walk in faith and try something new, to believe in the gifts with which I have been endowed, to not sell myself short, and believe in the “impossible”, like my little bumblebee friend does. If I were there I’d give you a big squeeze. Here’s an e-hig instead: ***** Love you and all those sweet Queens out there!

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