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Queen of Your Own Life

We’ve All Stumbled

She kept looking back to see where she'd stumbled. Then she remembered she'd also gotten back up. So she whispered "thank you" to herself. - Queenisms™

She kept looking back to see where she’d stumbled. Then she remembered she’d also gotten back up. So she whispered “thank you” to herself. – Queenisms™

We’ve all stumbled. If you happen to be that mythical woman who has walked graciously through life, never made a mistake, never had anything tragic befall you and never been touched by fear, pain, regret, sorrow – we’d like you to stand up and identify yourself right now. You, dear friend, would be the rarest of women.

The majority of us have stumbled, been scraped up a bit and gotten back up. We’ve learned from our mistakes. We’ve made different choices and we’ve forged a kinder, gentler, happier life for ourselves. And that, as they say, “ain’t nothin.” What if, instead of feeling as though our stumbles were a deep dark secret we don’t want anyone to know about, we celebrated the getting up, shaking it off and moving on? To us that’s the important part of any woman’s story. The courage to get back up from whatever pain, sorrow, humiliation, fear, or anxiety that caused us to stumble and the moment we choose to try again is the part of you we want to celebrate. That part deserves a big “thank you.”


One Response to “We’ve All Stumbled”

  1. Sherry D'Ambrosio says:

    It’s so easy to focus on our mistakes. But what a waste it is to chide ourselves for choices we made that didn’t work out. Decide you made the best decision you could based on information you had at that time and stop beating yourself up about what you can’t undo. Learn what went wrong if you can and move on. Yes, celebrate that you moved on, bruised perhaps but wiser.

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