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Queen of Your Own Life is an attitude, a way of life and a call to action for grown up women everywhere.

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Queen of Your Own Life

What Pleasures the Queen March Giveaway

UPDATE:  Congratulations to Susan Bowen, this month’s winner, and thank you everyone who participated in our big March giveaway.

What pleasures the Queen? All the things in our big March prize basket. Win this basket of fantastic things that we can’t live without – and win one for your friend! We’re celebrating reaching more than 300,000 fans on our Facebook page and we’re celebrating all the wonderful women who follow our blog, Twitter and Pinterest accounts. And, full disclosure, we’re trying to build up our newsletter mailing list because Facebook is making it harder and harder for us to reach our fans. There are lots of ways to enter, so take a look and good luck! To enter just follow the instructions at the below the picture. Log in to the contest app using your Facebook account or your e-mail address. Next, you’ll see a prompt to “Join the newsletter mailing list.” That’s it! Once you sign up for the newsletter, you’ll be given several options for additional entries but the only mandatory action is to join our newsletter list.


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Here’s what’s in the basket:

Each basket includes:
* 12 piece Prai Skin Care Line set
* 1 Cuisinart 2 speed Smart Stick Hand Blender
* 3 piece Eagle Creek Cube-it Travel Bags
* Two books: Queen of Your Own Life: The Grown Up Woman’s Guide to Claiming Happiness and Getting the Life You Deserve and Queenisms: 101 Jolts of Inspiration
* Chanel Inimitable Mascara – Black. Volume, length curl separation
* Velvet Botanicals lip balm
* Original Sprout Scrumptious Baby Cream – for babies & up!
* Aura Cacia Refreshing Tangerine & Grapefruit Room and Body Mist – change your mood and the mood of everyone around you
* Queen of Your Own Life – Limited edition canvas tote, coffee mug and pen!
* Crown themed bonus products – you’ll squeal with delight and declare you are Queen of Your Own Life.

All in a beautiful, large customized canvas basket you can use to organize anything!

Value: Well over $1,000!

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148 Responses to “What Pleasures the Queen March Giveaway”

  1. Patti says:

    I think what you all do for women is amazing….. the quotes/sayings, daily affirmations not only are applied to my life, but obviously in the lives of others as well. Keep making a difference! So many of appreciate the smile everyday!

  2. Lilly says:

    I enjoy your Queenly quotes daily!

  3. Cindy says:

    Such an inspiration!
    I can’t start my day without you…

  4. Sue Alley says:

    I hope I’ve done it right! Thanks for all you do to lift up women!

  5. julie carnovsky says:

    I love this lovely page to my bones

  6. Rebecca says:

    I’m so excited!!

  7. judybug says:

    you girls rock!

  8. Sheri Cochran says:

    Your daily post are shared from me on a regular basis. You are an inspiration!

  9. Kathleen says:

    Love this! Thank you!

  10. Irene Symonds says:


  11. I look forward to Queenisms daily!
    And I share them with my friends…
    Such a wonderful way to start my day!!!

  12. Jean Miccolo says:

    I enjoy getting the daily messages on my Facebook page. It starts my day off with an enlightening and encouraging, and sometimes humorous, message, that I often share with all my friends. Keep the good words coming, Queens!

  13. Suzanne says:

    Ma’am you always ensure that my day starts with a smile.

  14. Jackie Morris says:

    We are all Queens of our own life good start to my day

  15. Janie Ann says:

    When one woman helps another women we all get to sit on the throne of life, Queen it !!

  16. KIm Davis says:

    I love, love, love getting my daily inspiration from the Queens of Inspiration!!!! Now, to chose a friend to share a gift basket with……hum!!!!!

  17. Cynthia Jane Betarie says:

    love this site

  18. Jennifer Luukkonen says:

    I look forward to seeing the daily postings on Facebook. It really brightens my day!

  19. Sharon says:

    I love sharing your inspirations with my 20-something daughter to encourage her on her journeys…. Thanks!

  20. Irene Howard says:

    I was recently coronated at the tender age of 59, where upon finding your facebook page, I accepted, most dutifully, my own Queenism. Thank you for my daily dose of inspirations and reminder that I am only one Queen of many!

  21. Debby says:

    I share and retweet your posts all the time. They are always so empowering and always make me smile. They also always seem to come at exactly the right time. 🙂

  22. Queen Rebecca says:

    Thank you….

  23. You both do so much good in this world. I can express how much gratitude I have for the you lovely queens!

  24. Merry says:

    Hope this goes through.
    I would love to win for me and
    my about to deliver
    (a little boy at end of month)
    daughter, Carolyn.
    Blessings to you all.

  25. Karen Amacher says:

    Enter the contest

  26. Karen Amacher says:

    Enter the contest love your page always

  27. pam says:

    All my friends and I look forward to your daily words of wisdom. <3

  28. Whitney Wharton says:

    Love the Queens!

  29. Mary Beth Martin says:

    I love the daily “Queenisms”!

  30. susan martin says:

    I love you Queens. I am “studying” how to love myself ! It’s only taken 68 years !❤Thanks for your fabulous posts.

  31. Tallystarr says:

    One for my daughter… the hardest-working woman I know. Event Planner and all-around Kitchen Goddess by day, loving Wife and Mother of two darling daughters. You know SHE deserves to feel like a Queen 🙂

  32. Robin Mac says:

    thank you for the wonderful quotes!

  33. Sherry Mcmahon says:

    Many times I have lifted by the inspiration I have found from your quotes. Please keep on doing what you do so well.

  34. Lissie says:

    If I win, I know who I’m going to give the other one to…

  35. Kelly says:

    So entertaining!

  36. Tracy Miller-Finn says:

    Thank you for reminding me to love and care for myself! Many times during the week I so badly need to see your posts!

  37. Kristi K Scott says:

    Your books and quotes have helped me so much. Thanks!

  38. Kristi K Scott says:

    I first learned about your book through the Dianne magazine @ Curves. You have inspired and supported me so often. Your personal responses have meant so much to me! I feel as though you know me. As a Curves owner, I try to pay it forward in as many ways as I can by sharing your Queenisms. We share the same passion! Being the best women we can be and helping other women become Queens

  39. My daughters, granddaughters and girlfriends all love Queen! constantly passing the sayings back and forth to each other.

  40. Rhonda Heintz says:

    Love your posts!

  41. Deb says:

    Thank you for your daily dose of confidence and encouragement. You two are awesome.

  42. Tracy says:

    I enjoy your site and all the daily post to uplift women! Thank you!

  43. Caterina Nelli says:

    I may be too late. It’s a lovely thing you do!

  44. Deb Kenyon says:

    I love your daily posts!

  45. Vicki Sperry says:

    Thank you for your witting encouragements.

  46. Mary D. says:

    Congratulations, Susan B! And thank you Queen of your own Life for all your encouragement, inspiration and support.

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