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Queen of Your Own Life

When She Set Her Mind to Something

When she set her mind to something, there was no stopping her. Period. - Queenisms™

When she set her mind to something, there was no stopping her. Period. – Queenisms™

You are stronger, wiser, braver and more capable than you know. When you set out to do something purposefully, you are more likely to succeed than when you say “well, I’ll try.” Need to get dinner ready when you’re feeling poorly? You do it. Need to get a sick child the care they need? You do it. You do what is necessary and important without fail. So following your dreams, making your heart’s desire into reality is no different. If it is truly important to you, most of the time you can make it happen. What is important to you? Let’s share and inspire one another. Our goal? Launch our new 2016 calendar and book this fall with gusto and continue to reach new people with our daily messages. Let’s try this. Every time you catch yourself thinking or saying “I’ll try,” stop and rephrase to “This is important to me. I will do this.” We’d love to hear your experience.

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3 Responses to “When She Set Her Mind to Something”

  1. Stephanie says:

    Excellent post and very well said. When I find myself continually putting something off (it’s normally some thing I could consider selfish like haircuts or yoga classes) I have to take an honest look at the reasons why. You are correct if it is important you will make it happen. Then I have to remember that I am a better person to everyone in my life when I take care of myself. Women need this message more and more.

  2. Clara Oakes says:

    Good advice. When we promise ourselves we are going to do something, we must take action. Taking action is what gets things done! Do it!!!

  3. cindy says:

    Queen Stephanie, you are a wise woman!

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