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Queen of Your Own Life

Your Are a Rock Star | The Battle for You

by Kathy Kinney

I woke up thinking about how much words matter.  That the language others use or that we use to think or talk about ourselves is so much more important than we realize.  Then I started to think bout Silly Putty.  When I was a kid I looooved Silly Putty.  I used to flatten it out and press it against one of the comics in the funny papers.  When I lifted the Silly Putty the image was printed there in vivid color.  I would then pull the putty this way and that to distort the image all the while laughing and giggling.  It occurred to me that my brain may be a bit like Silly Putty.  Negative words I hear others say or that I say about myself are pressed into my brain and live an impression – in vivid color.  Then I distort them – pushing and pulling -but I’m not laughing and having a good time like when I was a kid in fact I feel like crap.

There’s a casting director here in Los Angeles who I really like.  Every time I finish auditioning for her she says with great feeling, “You are a F*#%ing Rock Star!”  As silly as it is I always feel good when she says that to me – even though I never wanted to be a rock star.  One time when Cindy and I were both about to have a challenging week I made us small pendants to remind us to be strong.  Tied with a ribbon, each had a picture of us as a child on one side and the casting directors inspiring words on the other.  I kept mine in my purse and during that week often got it out and held it in my hand.  It made me feel strong, cared for and best of all it made me laugh.

I have made several more Rock Star pendants.  I have one hanging in my bathroom and another right here next to my desk and I still have one in my purse.  Whenever a negative word is about to get stuck in my brain I simply whisper to myself, “You are a F*#%ing Rock Star!”  It still makes me laugh and I have always been someone who finds laughter to be the best of medicines.

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2 Responses to “Your Are a Rock Star | The Battle for You”

  1. Sheri Tawwatters says:

    Funny that I should read this today. I just had an “encounter” shall we call it, with my boss yesterday. I agree with your statement of how much our words and language matter. After yesterdays’ event I became even more aware (although, I already knew) how much body language sends subliminal messages to our psyche. Sometimes I think we can be more offended by what others don’t say.
    So, in honor of “your words” I shall be especially kind to myself. Because Queen Kathy has spoken and blessed Queen Sheri…. :-).

    Thanks Queen Kathy!

  2. You are a rocks star!!! Great post!!

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