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Queen of Your Own Life

You’re Sassy – That’s a Good Thing

She woke up feeling sassy. So she decided to go with it. - Queenisms™

She woke up feeling sassy. So she decided to go with it. – Queenisms™

Every now and then we wake up feeling sassy. We bounce out of bed, pleased as punch with what we accomplished the day before or what we have planned for today. We wear a smile on our faces all day long and people look at us as though they’re wondering “what’s her secret?”

Wouldn’t it be terrific if that feeling didn’t happen “once in a while,” but was our default mode every single day? Well, the truth is that it can be. Our attitude is our choice. Try this exercise. When you wake up, force yourself to stay in bed a moment longer. Quiet your mind and ditch the “to do” list we know is already running in your head. Now whisper to yourself “I’m feeling sassy today because . . .” and fill in the blank. Then go ahead and get on with your day, keeping in mind that you are sassy. If that pep in your step wavers, try rebooting and giving yourself a tiny, quiet moment to repeat “I’m feeling sassy today because . . .”

Science tells us it’s possible to retrain our brain. We always knew that, even without the evidence. We don’t always get to choose our circumstances, but we always get to choose our attitude. Let’s retrain our brains this week and project a little more “sassy” into the world, shall we?

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