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Queen of Your Own Life

A Tip of the Crown to Women Who Inspire Us

Crown wall paper Depositphotos_28080109_sThis week we give a big “Tip of the Crown” to women who inspire us. We’re in awe of these women who are or have made their dreams come true.

Peggy Rajski is an Academy Award Winning director, Associate Professor of Film at NYU and a producer of countless movies and music videos – all of which you would recognize. Yet she had a problem. Her phone ear buds kept getting tangled in her bag and the cords would fray and she’d have to spend extra money to fix them. She kept thinking, why doesn’t someone invent a way to keep these handy, untangled and ready to use? Then she asked herself “why not me?” She mocked up a protype, did some market research, talked to professionals, and ultimately decided to create a brand new product because she wanted to solve her own problem. She just launched a limited edition of the new product called OKIOTO. We admire Peggy for having an idea, doing the hard work to make it a reality and for so elegantly and beautifully launching that idea into the world. Take a peek by clicking HERE. Isn’t she inspiring? AND, she made us realize we had the same problem and we love her solution, so we ordered one for ourselves.

Diana Nyad is 64 years old and has tried five times to swim from Cuba to Florida. She’s been a long distance swimmer all of her life. This dream eluded her four times. But she didn’t give up. She told herself she needed a mantra. Her mantra became “Find a Way.” If you’re stung by jellyfish, find a way. If you’re told you are too old, find a way. If you’re disoriented and seasick, find a way. And find a way she did. Yesterday she walked onto the beach in Florida and into the history books. We salute her never give up spirit and we admire her beautiful message that it’s never too late to find a way.

Your Secret Donor is the brainchild of an anonymous women we personally know. She wanted to create a vehicle for people to give money, goods and services directly to those who need them, without having a portion of that money go to overhead. So she started a simple, wonderful organization called Your Secret Donor. The small but powerful gifts they give impact lives. From giving a child a bed so he could get enough sleep to pay attention in school to replacing a stolen bicycle so a person could get to work, this wonderful organization and the woman who started it, are changing lives, quietly, simply and with enormous grace.

The creative women (and some men) behind the Inspiration Page Owners Group on Facebook. This is a group of people of all ages who create motivational or reflective posts on both Facebook and in some cases, personal blogs with the sole purpose of uplifting others. We highly recommend you visit this Facebook page and we guarantee you’ll find at least one creative person that speaks your language. We keep it bookmarked on our browser bar to visit whenever we need a lift. This week we were inspired, in particular by the work of:

Betsy McKee Henry encourages people to let go of worry and be present

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with the people in their lives on her page called Zen Mama.

Josephina Navarro celebrates the diversity of women at Women Sublime.

Fiona Balfe creates a peaceful place to rest awhile in The Healing Room.

Sue Fitzmaurice brings her fierce, funny and fabulous self to Sue Fitzmaurice daily. A must read!

Farhana Dhalla posts daily and will make you laugh, cry, share and nod your head in recognition on her brilliant page Thank You for Leaving Me.

Sue Tangi spreads her own glitter and gladness at Sparkle My Day.

Who inspired you this week?



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